Eve of Departure

As we get ready to leave tomorrow from Waco at 6am, here’s some more details of what we’ll be doing in Kenya!

We will give concerts at schools, participate in humanitarian projects, and give music education workshops for an after-school program. We will be students as well, learning music from a choir in Nakuru and studying with singers, drummers, and dancers in another city.  We are looking forward to sharing our music with longtime friends in Kenya and to making new ones. 

Thirty-one Baylor students, three professors, a pastor, and a nurse comprise our team! We can’t wait to update you all on our travels.

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We’ll be leaving on May 19th, and posting every day until we return on June 3rd!

You can read about our last trip with the Baylor Men’s Choir in 2017 here: https://bumckenya2017.wordpress.com/