A Time to Give and a Time to Receive

This morning, following a good night’s rest, a meal of fried eggs, and drive through the Kenyan countryside, we came upon the village of Komolion.  As we approached the outskirts of the Pokot village, we spied a unique and colorful delegation.  Dancing and singing, the people of Komolion greeted us with a declaration of welcome representing the highest levels of respect and trust shown by the Pokot culture. It has been two years since the Baylor Men’s choir visited the locale, yet those greeting us remembered the experiences we shared and were swift to resume the interactions, dancing, and music exchanged in 2017 (the children recalled with ease the Men’s Choir classic “Oba Se Je”).

As the 2019 Music and Missions team, our slated tasks for the day were to distribute food, clothing, and sanitary kits to individuals as well as prepare an educational building for a new concrete floor.  Many churches, families, and individuals have selflessly given of their own resources to donate funds and items, including handmade dresses.  Excited to serve Komolion, we jumped into our tasks with gusto.  Each member of the team showed their finest qualities of servant leadership by overcoming the logistical difficulties and resource shortages faced.  Members of the construction crew improvised face masks to address the dust created by our work, while the gift distribution teams worked together to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers to make sure each girl had a dress in her size that made her feel like royalty.

We were served a fresh lunch of goat stew and chapati bread, a welcome satiation after a morning of hard work.  Afterwards, we formally presented our hosts with a gift of over thirty goats to provide continued sustainability for the families of Komolion.  We concluded our day with a tour of the areas surrounding the school, including a Presbyterian church, the huts in which the citizens dwelt, and a medical dispensary staffed by a local nurse.  The trek was not easy for us, but it was made better by the company of the Komolion children who accompanied us.  These youngsters rarely have the opportunities to see their own faces, so both we and they received much joy from taking and viewing some quite comical selfies.

Representing Baylor University, the United States of America, and most importantly Jesus Christ, we arrived in Toyota buses at a remote village, equipped with gifts, cameras, and a carefully-rehearsed musical program.  Although ready and prepared to give, we also received.  During our reflection this evening, we shared with one another the gifts we received today, the cordial welcome, the afternoon meal, and the lessons learned from the people of Komolion.  The smiles and energy of the children (who ran alongside us for a formidable distance on our journey home) encouraged us to be as joyful amidst the struggles of our own education and future careers.

Our work in Komolion is not yet finished.  We have returned to our lodging at Kefri and Sandai, ready to rest and prepare for another day in the Pokot village…


One thought on “A Time to Give and a Time to Receive

  1. So many familiar faces. Miss you all. Glad you are having such amazing experiences. God bless your work, singing and fellowship! Well done, Wolfgang. Great post! Good going too, Bryce. I know you are likely the one going the posts.


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