Heading back to Nakuru

Today was our last morning in Marigat. As we ate breakfast outdoors, we enjoyed the company of some beautiful birds and curious monkeys. Our breakfast was cut short due to some buzz going around. An army of bees took over our delicious breakfast that consisted of eggs, butternut squash, cereal, bread, honey, and bananas. We decided to be charitable people and shared some of our breakfast with the bees.

As we headed south, we stopped on the side of the road to buy some watermelons and local honey. We made another stop as we passed the equator. Many of our teammates returned to the small shops at the equator with improved bargaining skills. Vendors in these shops expect customers to bargain. People got great deals and even traded items such as rain ponchos and a calculator for small souvenirs.

Before we left the equator, we had an impromptu performance for the vendors. After singing a couple of songs for them, they sang for us in return. “Mungu ni mwema” (“God is good”) was the last song they sang for us as they sent us off.


God is good

God is kind

There is no one else like God.

Thank you God for these visitors.

They have been good to us.

Bless them as they go.

I am blown away by the instant connection that can be sparked by music. When our team sings songs like Baraka Zu Mungu, we do not sing it for the people, we sing it with the people. They join us as we sing, and dance and our performance is transformed into a joint celebration. We may not be able to hold a conversation or spend much time together, but for those brief moments none of that matters because we are one in song and spirit.

After a long bus ride, we finally arrived back at the Tocco’s where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. We enjoyed tea, coffee, and good fellowship in the beautiful gardens. Some of us took advantage of the beautiful weather and breathtaking view to do yoga overlooking the majestic hills and valleys. Others had lots of fun playing frisbee in the open field as the sun was setting. We were very blessed by the delicious dinner that was prepared for us tonight. We had Chapati with beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and guacamole as toppings. You could say that the chapati was used as a tortilla. We decided to call this meal, “Ken-Mex Tocco tacos”.

Tonight was another bittersweet night for our team. We have had the joy of having John Wheatley and Dr. Bradley with us for the first part of our trip. Both of them will be on their way back to Waco tomorrow morning. We spent the remainder of our evening saying our farewells and thanking them for their tremendous leadership. We reflected on the gratitude we have for the Bradley’s commitment to their ministry in Kenya. This ministry is a product of patience, consistency, and great love.


2 thoughts on “Heading back to Nakuru

  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences with wonderful written descriptions and great photos! May you all recover fully from any exhaustion or bugs and remember only the warmth and love you felt from new friends!
    Peace, Abby


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