Entering the Masai Mara

This morning we woke up early for one more wonderful breakfast at the Tocco’s compound. We are so grateful to them for opening their home to us. At 6:30 AM we started the journey to the Maasai Mara. We packed ourselves into small vans in order to go on the rocky journey there. It was a long ride, but we were constantly amazed by the beautiful Kenyan scenery. We drove by mountains as well as green grass and trees that we would never see in Texas.

            When we got to the gate leading us into the Maasai Mara, we were overwhelmed with women determined to sell us things through the windows of our vans.  The journey was a challenge, but after a while the long, hard ride began became worth it when we began to see the animals: giraffes, zebras, elephants, gazelles, buffalo, and even more. There were so many of them, each uniquely magnificent. Upon arrival at the lodge, we were hospitably greeted by a staff ready to feed us a late lunch, as we were very hungry. We were then shown to our rooms, which are more like tents that sit alongside a water bank. My favorite part is looking out at the hippos visible from our tents. We believe that they will be our alarm clocks tomorrow morning.

            God has definitely made Himself known through the hospitality of the people we have met on this trip. In addition to this, however, God has made His power known through creation, being ever present in nature. Throughout the busyness of everyday life as students, we often neglect opportunities to go outside and see the beauty of nature. Each plant and animal here has its own place and unique way of being. I am reminded of Psalm 8, when the author ponders why God would care so much for humankind when He has created such marvelous things. I also think of Romans 1:20, where Paul states that God’s power is shown so clearly in creation that we are without excuse not to believe in Him. It is biblical that we can experience God through observing what He has made. Personally, I have been pondering how this applies to my own ministry. Since God is the Creator and we are made in His Image, we are also blessed with the ability to be creative. As musicians, we believe that creating great music communally is a way of glorifying God with this ability. Going abroad, we can see how music breaks down barriers and brings people together in worship. We look forward to making more music and observing the wonders of creation more tomorrow!


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