The Journey Home

After a great day with the Pendo Amani youth organization, we got to sleep in a bit this morning. We took some extra time to get everything packed, and then we had a time of worship at 9 AM. Matt, Tori, and Eric A. led us in great songs reminding us of God’s control over this trip and the call to share His love with those at home too. We then ate a wonderful brunch at 10 AM comprising of eggs, chapati, sausage, goat, and PIZZA. The staff at Hartfield Gardens has been amazing in waking up early to prepare all our food each day. We got one more chance to say goodbye to Zippy and Daniel at this time. I have constantly been in awe of their ministry and philanthropy in Kenya, and I know many of us feel as though we have a second pair of grandparents in them now.

After this, we made our way to the Nairobi airport. We boarded our flight a bit late and had to push through some rainy weather, but we made the 5-hour journey from Nairobi to Dubai. I am currently writing this from Dubai as we wait to board our long 16-hour flight back to Dallas. We have been enjoying eating fried food (McDonald’s and Shake Shack) for the first time in 2 weeks at the airport. We are all very tired, but I know I cannot wait to get off the plane and see my family.

Leaving Kenya was bittersweet. It was such an amazing trip! The people we encountered live drastically different lives than we do, but we found so much joy in singing and dancing together as a community. The phrase “unity in difference” has stuck with me throughout these last 2 weeks. God holds every continent in His hands, and He is present in all of our lives. Although it is important to recognize each individual’s unique identity and struggles, we also believe that we are united together in the Body of Christ, and everyone has a place. Trips like these help us get a broader perspective on God’s creation and how much love He has for all of His children. Personally, I know that I am taking away sense of calling to explore this idea more.


2 thoughts on “The Journey Home

  1. I have enjoyed reading about your adventure and seeing your photos. The love and connection among you is visible. Safe travels and welcome home!
    Jana Millar


  2. Very much enjoyed all of the posts of this trip!! Thank you, each and everyone, for taking the time to describe in vivid detail how God has used the sights, people, events, differences, similarities of our walk with God together!!
    Kay Ferguson
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